Introductory Show

Today’s episode of The Purpose Project we kicked-off our very first show. This Show is dedicated to telling you who I am; what I do; why I do what I do and how we’re going to do it together. Host Jennifer Lester shares how she became focused and turned “Pro.” Jennifer explains that she gave up being good for greatness.

Jennifer uses her 15 plus years in therapy/ counseling coupled with her life coaching skills to help people Uncover, Recover and Discover the Life they want.

This episode is just for you if you want to know how taking a “Leap of Faith” and staying focus can change your life.

In this episode, you’ll discover: 

  • More about Me, Jennifer Lester
  • Why I started the Purpose Project Podcast
  • What to expect from this show.
  • How to start your own journey to amazing.
  • What caused me to leave a company after 15 years
  • The biggest challenges and myth that Jennifer realized in her life.