Episode #11 “What’s Your EQ (Emotional Intelligence)?” Part 1


In this week episode of The Purpose Project Podcast, I explain the effects of your Emotional Intelligence (EQ). . I explore 3 skills relating to EQ (1) Emotional Awareness; (2) The Ability to harness emotions; (3) Manage emotions. I discuss the effects of EQ in your performance at work, physical health, mental health and relationships. While your IQ is important, your EQ is equally as important for success at work and to lead a more fulfilling life. This is part one of a two part episode on “Controlling Your Emotions”. Learn how a good coaching program can help raise your EQ. Part 2 of this discussion I will discuss the Six Pillars of Emotional Intelligence and teach you how to raise your EQ.

This episode is just for you, if you want to understand how emotions play a part in your personal life and success.